The tip for advertisement and sales

I will talk about what I heard from the president of a financial-related company that I met in Tokyo. By the way, it is a crowd mass pub in a crowd. Lol


That person asked me.
"Do you think that you will hear what things will start talking to people who will not listen to your talk at all? ... ... How do you think you should ask the customer to talk to you in sales?"



I was not able to answer immediately. What do you guys answer?

When I heard his answer, I got as much as possible. I certainly felt that it was right.



And, in his response,


「You make a" ? Mark or ! Mark "in the customer's mind. 」


I will explain it concretely.

To a person who does not make it to me at all,,,


You "Please give me your time a little! You yourself without putting out a dollar, you can get unprofitable income each month! "


If you say, the customer will have "!" And "?" in the customer's mind (head).


And if you push one more time saying "Do you want me to tell you a little because it's OK?", I often take time.

It is a flow.


Those who work in the financial system, actually think that it comes to mind several ways to get yourself an unprofitable monthly income without having to pay $ 1 for yourself.


With the sales you are doing, you can use this method. It is only necessary to cast the advantage that the product that the company is using as a weapon is different from other companies with words that will cause customers to issue "!" "?" The important thing is "a word to turn customers back and stop".


This "!?method" can also be applied to advertisements. I mean, it is used, I feel more correct. Lol


In the advertisement of paper media, it is a method of attracting interest in advertisement itself by placing words and images that let "!" And "?" Appear in the most visible spots.

In fact, you also saw advertisements on trains and stations, I think You've had such experiences.


For example,




when such advertisements jump into eyes on the way home from the company,

You are interested in "What company?"


It is such feeling.



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