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私の事務所の名前はR design という名前ですが、その由来は赤色です。つまり,Redの ”R” をとりました。そう単純なんです。昔から、赤色が好きで好きで好きでした。というのも、人にはラッキーカラーとタブーカラーというものがあります。信じるか信じないかはあなた次第です。笑








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My office’s name is R design and its origin is red. I took Red’s “R“. That’s so simple. I like red color and I like it for a long time. Because people have lucky color and taboo color, because red is my lucky color. It is up to you whether to believe or not to believe. Lol However, for the management people I met in Tokyo, I would like to mention that there were many people who believed in fortune-telling (Oriental / Western astrology).


By the way, the psychological aspect of red is here.


People who wish to quickly examine lucky color recommend that you make sure by “O-ring test”. The O-ring test is,


The patient makes a ring (Oring) with the fingers of the hand, the diagnostician also draws a ring with the finger, pulls the ring of the patients finger, and makes a diagnosis based on whether or not the ring leaves, At this time, If you touch a certain part or harmful medicine or food with the hand of the patient who is vacant, the force of the patients fingers weakens and Oring opens. “

From Japanese version Wikipedia



For example, assume that Mr. A makes a shape of O with a strong force with his thumb and forefinger and tobacco on the opposite hand. Mr. B is pulled by Mr. A ‘s hand (thumb and index finger) in the shape of O, and she opens it. Then, Mr. B can open with a light force. In other words, if it is bad for that person, the O ring will open easily. On the contrary, if it matches that person, it will not open easily. Everyone, try out the same thing of various colors by hand. A small ball of various colors.
When I try to consciously live with lucky color wearing, this is surprisingly good. My body feels kind of a good feeling. Somehow. Lol So, I only have underwear in red color. Because humans are creatures of thought, so how do you get into it. Lol


Everyone, by all means, please find your own lucky color.