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I read the book of David Airey who was a logo designer before and I will introduce the most impressive things as there were hints on designing some.


David Airey

Since becoming independent as a designer in 2005, he has worked as a designer worldwide to oppose customers in over 30 countries.




9 Design tips


  • Design to understand at a glance


  • Do not stick to direct expression


  • Do not go against the theme


  • Only one impressive point


  • Designed in black and white and watched


  • Make sure to invert the top and bottom


  • Design to differentiate


  • Prepare a single color version


  • Practical examples





"Design at a glance"

As long as it is not the logo of a large corporation, the general public will never stop looking at the logo we design. You need to make a logo that you can grasp the design at a glance and attract it.



"Do not stick to direct expression"

There is no need to express it directly when making logos of a company of a specific industry. What he used to illustrate is the company's corporate logo. Everyone does not think that it is a car company just by looking at the Volkswagen or Benz logo.



"Do not go against the theme"

Please do not think like the hint talked about earlier. For example, Benz was not originally manufacturing cars. After the merger with Daimler AG due to the fact that the three stars of Mercedes Benz manufactured the helicopter, "It is said that the three points of contact with the ring are prosperity in the field of land, sea and sky" I will. The theme is not to express occupation but to represent the idea of ​​a company.



"Only one impressive point"

It is only a moment for ordinary people to see the logo. It is difficult for people to memorize your logo with just flashy designs and colors. But simple shapes alone will not remain in people's memory. Squeeze the impressive points to one.



"Design it for monochrome and see it"

When designing and designing with color from the beginning, adjustment at the final stage becomes difficult. Perhaps there are many people who have experience. By limiting the color to black only, you can focus on the shape and think about the design.



"Make sure to invert the top and bottom"

After you have finished producing the logo design, it will be used in various situations after it has gone to the customer. I think that it is also often seen upside down in materials and others. Let's check the design when turning it upside down.



"Design to differentiate"

It is very important to differentiate logos from other companies in the same industry. I think that similar designs are obviously hard to remain in impression. Let's not forget your research.



"Prepare a monochrome version"

Even if color is specified by client's instructions, let's not forget to prepare in monochrome. It may come when customers need it.



"Accept practical examples"

When you propose logo design to customers, if you put a composite image using Photoshop etc. for easy imagination, more persuasive power will be added.




How did you feel by listening to these nine tips?


I took these into consideration and the quality of design and the speed of work increased.


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