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さて、そんなインターネットでは当然ですが、発信する側と受け身側とが存在します。ある調べ物をする時に、迷いなくGoogle検索に向かい検索する人は多いのではないでしょうか。何か分からないことがあれば、Google検索が教えてくれる時代です。しかし、自分の必要とする情報だけに目を向けているだけでは、自分の知識は偏ってしまいます。最近では、新聞やテレビを見ない若者が多く、インターネットだけが情報源であるという人々は気をつけなければなりません。インターネットだけで情報を得ている人の中には、新聞なんかよりもより深くより早く情報を得ることができる人もいるので、要は、活用できるかできないかの違いになってしまいます。 スマホを持つ









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Become the offer information side


In our life, the Internet has become an absolute indispensable presence. I have been able to meet good things thanks to the Internet so far and meet good people. And the Internet will continue to develop and will become familiar to our lives.

Passive side

Well, on such the Internet, there is the offer information side and a passive side are natural things. When doing some investigating things, there are many people searching for Google search without hesitation. If there is something you do not understand, Google search will tell you. But merely looking only at the information that you need, your knowledge will be biased. Recently, there are many young people who do not watch newspapers and television, and people who are getting information only on the Internet must be careful. Some people who are getting information only from the Internet can get information deeper and faster than newspapers, so the point is that the difference is whether they can be utilized or not.


offer information side

In Japan, we may call the side sending out information (the offer information side) as a professional blogger. Everyone has heard of stories saying “I was able to quit my job by building a blog site on a regular basis during the salarymen era (OL era)?”


Because I want to become professional freedom, I do best by blogging and earn it! I think it is good to have such a belief, but I think that it is the most important that you do not forget to “stand on the part of sending out (offer) information itself is wonderful” itself.


The YouTuber of a child whose child wants to be the future is also the side sending out information (the offer information side). I think that it is true that “offering information (sending out) = becoming money”. I am doing the work of design myself, but I think that I will not quit sending outgoing.


Become the offer information side with me!!


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